Ministry Teams

Ministry Teams/Position List 2021

*Indicates Elder

Board Members: Bob Wedel, *Chad Spencer, Eric Wilson, Jason McMaster, *Jerry Brown, *Russ Guetschow, Richard Theirjung.

Facility Use Contact: Shannon Chambers

Judiciary: Chad Spencer, Ron Elwell

Maintenance: Stanley Wise and Board Deacons

Tellers: Mark Bailey (head teller), Stan Wise, Doug Waldron, Jim Elwell, Kurt Tribbett, Tim Fulkerson

Treasurer: Shannon Chambers

Christian Education Ministry Team: (Elder, Deacon) Jerry Brown, David Mackaluso, Jackie Bailey, Theresa Elwell, Russ Guetschow, Karen Austin, Shannon Chambers, Kurt Tribbett

Library Committee: Joyce Guetschow, Pat Mikolajcyzk, Winifred Mackaluso

Youth Clubs/Awana: Cubbies- Karen Austin, Clubs-

Junior Church: Trish Bartholomew, Meghan Penney, Theresa Elwell

Youth Group: Kurt Tribbet, Tammi Smith

Bible Studies: P32: Elizabeth Spencer, Wednesday Night Men’s: _____, Wednesday Night Ladies: ______

Mission Ministry Team: (Elder)_____ , Sam & Winnie Durham, David Mackaluso

Welcoming Committee: Bill Courliss

Young at Heart: Darrel & Shirley Jackson

My Neighbor Ministries: (1 Elder; 1 Deacon) Pastor Dave, Sharon Applegate, Sue Fry, Russ Guetschow, Sarah McClure, Norm Keyes

Helping Hand/Pantry: Sue Fry, Sharon Applegate, Darrell and Shirley Jackson

Funeral Dinner Coordinator: Sharon Applegate, Sharon Jackson

Meals for the Ill or Homebound: __

Prayer Ministry Team: Russ Guetschow

Prayer Chain Director: Winnie Durham and Shannon Chambers

Prayer Room: Russ Guetschow

Prayer Shawl Team: Sharon Courliss, Mitzi Timmerman

Worship Ministry Team: (1 Elder) *Jerry Brown and Elizabeth Spencer

Audio Visual Ministry:

Power Point:

Choir: Nancy Brown

Head Usher: Ron Elwell

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